CaseSolver is a R-program based on EuroForMix for analysing case data.
Requires euroformix v2.0.2 or newer to run.

Open R and install following packages by running:

Alternative 1: run:

Alternative 2: Open R and "install packages from local file" (download zip-file below).

Run CaseSolver by typing following in R:

Download the tutorial with data below.

#Changes version 1.1.1
- The button "Change view" has been added to make it possible to view the allele data of evidence/reference vertically instead of horizontally
- The user can now change model specification option for euroformix (degradation ON/OFF stutter ON/OFF)
-> NB: AMEL locus is excluded if stutter=ON
- The LR values for each comparison is labeled in the window "Deconvolution/Show expected peak heights". THe LR will be based on the last calculated one (Quan or Qual).

- The user can now use a frequency file with more loci systems than defined. Fixed by changing line 31 in calcQuanLRcomparison().

Thanks to Vibeke Bertelsen for discovering the following bugs:
- Bug when having only 1 match candidate in LR based comparison, when generating a report. Fixed by changing line 1299 and 1308 in gui().
- Bug when performing DC with locus drop-out: Fixed by changing line 843 in gui().

#Changes version 1.0.1
- The bug "setupAdvanced could not be found", after saving "Advanced Setting", has been fixed.

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